Super Kid

You've been chosen to be our Super Kid of the Week

What is Super Kid of the Week?

Each week I will choose a student to be our student of the week! This student will be responsible for filling out a "Super Kid" poster (sent home with this letter) by FRIDAY of this week and bring it to school to share with us so we can get to know more about our classmates

What Should I (The Parent) Do?

Help your child fill out the "Super Kid" poster. You can also help them choose ONE thing to bring into school to do a show and tell with on Friday (please only allow them to bring this item on Friday). If your child would like to bring in photos of their family or pets that would be wonderful too. Help them to do their best work on the poster, it will be displayed in the classroom for the whole year!

Please Complete this by FRIDAY we will be setting aside time to share the poster at 2:00pm