Tissue Types

Epithelial, Connective, Muscular, & Nervous

Epithelial Tissue - Most Common

Epithelial tissues have 4 functions:
  1. Protection
  2. Absorption
  3. Filtration
  4. Excretion
These tissues are things like the skin, lining of the mouth cavity, and lining of other organs. Can be broken into types:
  • Squamous - flat and scale like
  • Cuboidal - cube-shaped
  • Columnar - tall, elongated cells
These are further broken down into:
  • Simple - one cell thick
  • Stratified - multiple cells thick

*Epithelial Tissue is thick and dense like a wall. Walls protect, and hold things together. Just like a wall, Epithelial Tissue protects the body from the environment as well as holding the body together. We would not want a neuron to be protecting, us for the dendrites are like antennas and are made to transmit signals for communication.

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Connective, Muscular, & Nervous Tissues

Epithelial Tissue will Breakthrough {the Rest}

Epithelial Tissue is the best tissue for it's function and location. Since this tissue has many shapes and sizes it almost seems natural for it to protect. Since protection is a vital part of the body's functions, it only makes since to cover it everywhere, for protection.