Amazon rainforest

By Uha


The Amazon Rainforest is in a hot area. Most of the Rainforest is being cut down. Luckily the Brazil convergent is saving half of the Rainforest.

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There are many different animals in the Amazon Rainforest, but one of my favorite is the Jaguars because of it's speed. The Amazon Rainforest is beautiful and that is why these beautiful animals live here.
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The vegetation in the Amazon Rainforest is very beautiful. Animals are very happy but not if the Rainforest is getting cut down.
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In Rainforest's you can find all kinds of plants, but one of them are the Bright purple Waterville's. Water Lillis can be founds in a verity of place's, but most are found in Rainforest's.

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Descargar Vectores graitis

In the Amazons Rainforest there are probably 100,00 plants in it . There flowers and other things.

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The Toco Toucan

There are many animals in the Amazon Rainforest but one of those animals are called the Amazon Toco Toucan. They are awesome birds and can make beautiful sounds. I would give the Toco Toucan 10/10
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Amazon Monkys

The Amazon Rainforest have a variety of animals. From Birds to Monkeys. There are some many reasons why this animals live here, but l have got to say that one of these animals are one of the cutest animals ever winch is the monkey.
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