Adventureland Parent Connect

April 2014

Resurrection Celebration/Egg Hunt.....Coming SOON!!


  • Please drop off 12 plastic eggs and 1 bag of individually wrapped candy for each participating child by April 6th, in the tub by the Adventureland check-in booth!
  • Please make sure to send your child a packed lunch and clear drink to eat in class prior to the family event.
  • Please pick up your child at the end of the 10:45 service and meet us in E-Town for a family event before the egg hunt!

His Story

It's an exciting month in Adventureland! This month the little ones will learn powerful Truths as we teach that 'Jesus is a Good Friend' by diving into the story of Mary and Martha. We pray that every child will understand that 'Everyone Can Praise Jesus' as we learn about the Entry Celebration in Matthew, and that they will go home knowing that 'Jesus LOVES Them' as we teach them about the Resurrection. We will also reassure them that 'Jesus wants to be with Them Forever,' as we focus on Jesus preparing a place for them in Heaven!

Scripture on Magnets.....wahooooo!

This month we will have 2 verses as we start memorizing Scripture through the alphabet ... starting with 'A' and going all the way to 'Z.' Mrs. Alice and Mrs. Beth have worked very hard so that you we now have verses on magnets to display at home. His Word is powerful...let's pack as much truth into our children as possible.

Verses and Hand Motions:

A - "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God." Romans 3:23

  • All - point to everyone
  • have sinned - bow head, fold hands, and shake head
  • and come short - squat down
  • of the glory of God - wave arms and then point to God

B - "Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved..." Acts 16:31

  • Believe - put hand over your heart
  • on the Lord - make an 'L' with right hand - take it from right shoulder to left hip
  • Jesus Christ - each index finger points to a spot on the opposite palm
  • and you will be saved - lift both arms toward heaven

Baby/Child Dedication Celebration

This is such an exciting spiritual milestone for your little one, your family, and the church body as well! The celebration is coming soon... Sunday, May 11th during the 10:45 am service. There will be a mandatory Shepherding class on Saturday, May 3rd, so please plan to attend.

Also, please submit a picture of your child to as soon as possible. Thank you!

*You can sign up using the link below.

Adventureland's Favorite Song!!!

Check out one of Adventureland's favorite worship songs...try not to move while you listen...I dare you!!

Loving your little ones and praising God for the chance to share them with you,

The Aland Team