YCHS' Weekly Newsletter - October 24, 2021

Poston's Post

Good morning, YCHS/FDJTC Faculty and Staff! We are heading into our final week of October! I hope everyone is looking forward to our next Collaboration Day this Wednesday. I am excited to continue our work together.

I have enjoyed seeing many of you embed flex time through station rotations. I look forward to seeing more this week.

Reminder that report cards will be issued on Tuesday.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I hope you have a restful weekend and a wonderful week ahead!

Donna's Details

SLO info

SLO preliminary conferences are now past due. It is critical to complete those now if you haven’t already. Please reach out to your admin when you have completed the process so that they can sign off! (Directions: Access your SLO by clicking the “Student Growth and Professional Goals” tab on the left, then click “add SLO.” Make sure you are on the “Preliminary Conference” tab and complete I, II, and III, making sure you pay attention to the clarifying remarks associated with each question)

Important Dates for this Week

October 27

Collaboration Day, Part 2, 1:00-4:00, Location – same as last time

Look for further info from your admin leader regarding meeting details. Groups will continue to work on priority standards and begin the foundational parts of building curriculum maps. Bring your Chromebook, any work from your last meeting, and course standards. Looking forward to another productive afternoon of collaboration!

Thank you

Thanks to you all for your active participation in the PD day on October 18! Please invite in admin and colleagues as you practice small group and station lessons!

WIN Testing

Third year high school students who did not take the WIN test last spring will be pulled from class next Thursday, October 28th for makeup map testing. Additionally, students who took the test and earned a credential-level score on all but one section will be taking one subtest for an opportunity to earn that credential. Those students will be tested on Friday, October 29th.

School Improvement Council

You are invited to attend the School Improvement Council meeting this Tuesday, October 26 at 6:00 PM in the YCHS media center.

YCHS/FDJTC Handbooks and Manuals

The YCHS/FDJTC Employee Handbook, Student Handbook, and Grading Manual are linked here for your convenience.

YCHS/FDJTC Employee Handbook

YCHS/FDJTC Student Handbook

YCHS/FDJTC Grading Manual

Morning Announcements

We will begin broadcasting the morning announcements this week. The morning announcements will be broadcast live via the portal each morning at the beginning of 1st block. Be sure to have your 1st block class watch the morning announcements each day.

Instructions for viewing the portal are listed here. If you have any issues, please place a Technology work order.