Opening Doors to Self-Determination

Workshop Description:

Students with strong self-determination skills have a greater chance of success. This workshop will empower parents to help their loved ones who live with disabilities develop self-determination skills in the areas of:

• Knowledge of Self and Others

• Personal Management

• Effective Communication

• Self-Advocacy

• Advocacy within Systems

• Decision-Making

• Goal Setting

• Problem Solving

Family Network on Disabilities Overview

Monday, Sep. 28th, 10am

This is an online event.

This is a Facebook Live workshop.

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Parent Training Coordinator

Luke is a Parent Training Coordinator for the Parent Education Network (PEN), a Family Network on Disabilities (FND) project. Luke brings over 20-years of experience navigating special education and the systems of care serving youth, families, and adults living with behavioral, developmental, emotional, medical, mental health, substance use, and trauma-related disabilities. Luke leverages his lived experience and skills as a Certified Recovery Peer Specialist and Group Facilitation Specialist to support, encourage, and empower other parents of youth living with disabilities.