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AIESEC JLU in MOC,Dare To Dream

Hey AISEC!!! 【Greetings from China!】


Are you interested in Chinese culture?Do you want to understand more about the education culture of Chinese rural children and make a difference to the education system in China?

Here is an opportunity to join our program (Dare to Dream), an education awareness program, which is run by the AIESEC JLU, located in China, Changchun.

Just to provide you with a brief overview of our project, if you join our team, you can teach underprivileged students who are neglected by their parents as their parents often must work far away from home in order to sufficiently feed their family. Also, if you join us, you will have the chance to explore China and experience our great culture and heritage.

We really hope that your traineeship here will bring about great benefits to your studies and future career.

Our Dare to Dream project is aiming to recruit people with a passionate and enthusiastic heart to motivate and make a difference to the children in the rural area. Hence, we extend our greatest welcome to anyone who is interested.

Date of commencement: 15th Jan (will last for 6 weeks)

Attached below is our poster, more details please refer to our booklet.


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Skype: riguangyuyuyu

Whatsapp: +8618686609529

Hope to hear from you soon!Thank you and have a nice day!