Board Report

November 2020

Career Coach Short Term Goals

Welding/Engineering Advisory Meeting

  • Ways to increase enrollment in Engineering
  • Counselor/Principal Manufacturing Day Tours and Exposure
  • Instructor visits to locals
  • Simulators and Business and Industry in the schools
  • Have Cobra and others be part of the Sophomore tours to help make the connection between what students will learn in Engineering to Business and Industry.
  • Addition of some curriculum pieces that we could push to eighth graders in the county
  • Expansion of program availability to 10th graders (application process)
Big picture

HACC Welding is now AWS SENSE Certified

  • Students will leave with a possibility of 2 AWS, Industry and MDE recognized certifications.
  • HACC is a Certified testing site for AWS certification

8th Grade Cybersecurity Experience

  • Last 7 weeks of the year
  • Camden Frontier will be the pilot. Hillsdale has also expressed interest.
  • 4 days a week
  • Students will ride the bus to HACC with the 11th/12th graders
  • Students will be able to earn certifications

Cybersecurity & Novacoast Partnership

  • Wayne is working with Novacoast to establish a WBL opportunity for our students.
  • Practical/real world experiences using and enhancing skills they are using in class
  • More to come.
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