By: Laken

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Allo! Welcome to France! Have you ever heard of France? That's the country I originate from. Or you6 cou6ld say where my ancestors came from.

Land and Climate

Did you know that France is the largest country in weastern Europe? There is major rivers to relax in. Could you amagen? Valleys, lowland basins and even high land platous. Are you wondering what a plateau is? It is a area of flat land. Hey guys if you like hot summers and cold winters get moving to France, I'm sure the population could go to 60 million instead of 59 million.
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French is France's main language that the people speak there. It is also spoken in 20 different other countries. If you look below here you there is a word box translating the words to French to Inglish.

Translated Words to French

Thank you= merci

Please= silvous plait

Hello= allo

Goodbye= Au revoir

Mother= mere

Father= pere


You know how there is religion and belief! Some people in France believe in Roman Catholic, Muslim or protest and Jewish. Well In France their main religion is not one single of those guys. It is just Catholic. They even have a Catholic Church for them.


France's food is famous all around the world. For breakfast they would eat crosants, Chocolat, Cearal, bread jam. Chocolat is a Chocolate snack that a lot of kids eat after school. Then cheese and buttery pastry is served in midday.
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Jobs or Economy

Economy or jobs have to take place in every country, right? Well in france they have many jobs. The most popular jobs would be clothing , michines, electronics, medicines and cars.