Capital: Budapest

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- The official language of Hungary is Hungarian.

- Their government is a Parliamentary Republic.

- The area is mostly just river plains and a few mountains in the north.

- Some major Cities are Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged, Miskolc, Pecs, Gyor, and more

- Hungary has no official religion and Guarantees religious freedom but more than half are Roman Catholic.

- The Hungarian Forint is their currency

- The population is 9,919,128 Million.

The People

The people of Hungary are very kind to their guest and let them into their home before them. They take good care of the guest and make sure they are comfortable.

The men in Hungary always walk on the left side of women to be polite. When family and friends greet each other they kiss their left and right cheeks.

The most common food was Hungarian bread.

Places and Activities

I visited the Buda Castle, The Chain Bridge, and Matthias Church. I also participated in a holiday commemorating the death of King Stephen on August 20th and I went to the Annual Budapest Spring Festival to see the art exhibits and musical events and dramas.

During the summer months I would wear lightweight clothing and during the winter months I would wear raincoats and sometimes jackets.

Cultures and Customs

Wedding customs are that there should always be chicken soup served with special noodles that are believed to increase fertility in a woman. Rice is also a custom food. Men are expected to work and the women are housewives. Marriages are no longer arranged in Hungary. The young married couples live with the parents that will accept them.

Health, Transport, Government, and Economy

The economy is mostly agriculture.

The health in Hungary is treated with natural herbal remedies but they still practice western medicine.

The main way to get around is by taxi because they are everywhere, Hungary uses urban transportation.


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