The One And Only Amazing Separating Prefix... Se!!!

This new amazing prefix is bold and helps separate you from someone you absolutely abhor. This prefix comes in 10 eye popping colors that will brighten up your day. This prefix also has an auto dial to separate dirty dishes form clean ones and white clothes from darks to make chores 10 TIMES faster! Se is also made of plaxtonium didarium which makes it practicably indestructible.

It Comes With Three Free SAT Words Of Your Choice!!!

The Handiest Dandiest Prefix Ever!!!

This prefix can secure your house using the Z4X29 alarm system. It can also act as a secretary/ diary/ journal and is personalized to match your secluded personality. You can put Se in your selection of pet mode or friend mode. The Prefix is yours for just $15

per word! Buy it today!

Se is more effective than Ir!!! Guaranteed!!!

Who should buy this?!?

Do you easily get annoyed by people? Do you not have time for chores? If you answered to either of those questions, you might qualify for Se!! We as a company target middle aged men. Because men don't have time to deal with annoying shipping crises . We are also better and faster with shipping. And shipping is 15% more free to keep you as far away from hassles as possible! If everyone is already buying Se why don't you!!!

Tracy and Se

Back in 2012 Ms. Tracy Armstrong bought Se. Tracy was a collector of prefixes and none had ever worked to help seperate her prefixes into files before. As soon as she bought se she instantly was impressed. Se separated dark clothes from the lights. Soon after Se separated the grease off of her dirty dishes she put it on her bookshelf in a crystal clear glass case and dusts it off everyday. And on March 7, 2012 Se and Tracy wrote a song for Flocabulary and called it the Prefixes Rap. And when she won six Vocabugrammys she thanked Se.
Prefixes Rap - Flocabulary Grammar Rap