Conjunctivitis Facts.

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What is conjunctivitis?

  • Conjunctivitis is a disease that affects your eyes. It can make them red, swollen, itchy, irritated eyes.

How do I get it?

  • You get it through indirect contact. If someone with it touches their eyes, and then your hand, then you touch your eye, BAM. PINK EYE.

What can I do to prevent it?

  • There's not much you can do to prevent the spread of Conjunctivitis is to wash your hands. If you keep your hands clean before you touch your eyes, you have less of a chance of getting the virus than if you weren't washing your hands.

What do I do if I think I have pink eye?

  • There's not much you can do when you already have the virus. You just have to wait a few days for it to calm down. If it lasts more than ten days, you need to see your doctor, because after then it might not be Conjunctivitis, it could be something worse.