Don't Talk About It Be About It.

Favorite Technologies

I believe I don't have a favorite device but If I had to choose it'll be my phone & laptop .


My favorite food would have to be Cheeseburgers , they just satisfy my taste buds & also because there are many combinations you can make to eat a burger

New Skill

I learned quite a few this year , an interesting thing I learned was how to weld & grind a bench together .


I really enjoy going to the gym with my peers for an hour and a half a day because it makes me feel better mentally and physically . I don't consider eating a hobby but I love to eat .

My Music

I like all types of music but the one genre I'm really into is underground rap because I like how it's lyrically coordinated & tells story's of themselves in there rap .


I don't browse much different websites but my on the daily basis website have to be YouTube & iTunes .