Potawatomi Tribe

By: Josh and Gage

What they ate for food and how they got there clothing.

For food the Potawatomi ate corn, beans,chewed tobacco, rice, berries, elk, deer, fish, birds and had syrup. For how they got there clothing they had to hunt it and they had to plant seeds and crops.
  • They had dome shaped houses that were called wigwams and had rectangular lodges with bark on top so they can stay warm also to stay away from danger and bad storms.
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What did the Potawatomi used to build there wigwams and birch bark lodges? The Potawatomi used birch bark and sticks.


  • Potawatomi men went to war and had to hunt, and the men made art and music, also traditional medicine.
  • The Potawatomi women had to farm and take care of the children, cook, make, art medicine and music.

Traditions and celebrations

  • Like the other tribes in earlier chapters the Potawatomi were organize into clans.Potawatomi people married someone outside of their clan.
  • After they get married they lived with the husbands family.

Current status

Gaming has helped Potawatomi economically.In the late 1980s the tribe signed an agreement with the state of Wisconsin. The agreement established a casino between Waubeno and carter in forest county and bingo hall on its ancestral lands in the heart of Milwaukee.Eventually the bingo hall expanded into a casino. The casino has made a lot of money for the tribe.

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Where the Potawatomi live today

  • They still live in kansas and oklahoma now they migrated to Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Ontario and Canada.

Potawatomi positive interactions with the Europeans

  • The potawatomi got to learn about the Europeans and trade with them for new goods.

Potawatomi non positive interactions with the Europeans

  • The Europeans made them move down south and up north.

Interesting facts

  • The Potawatomi people fought the sioux and the confederacy.
  • That they had to kill their food.
  • They lived in Potawatomi wisconsin.
  • It's cool that they had to live in birch bark wigwams.