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A sort-of-monthly newsletter for amazing Hueneme teachers!

In this February 2017 issue:

Student account info--- an email opinion request--- device updates-- a photo challenge-- coding in animation-- and Capt. Tech!


I got a new student, I need accounts!

Great news! No ticket, no phone call, no email required! Almost all accounts are created through automation THE NIGHT AFTER the student spends their first day on your roster in Q.

Pearson Realize (K-5), Google accounts (@hsdschools.org) , Moby Max, Typing Club, Accelerated Reader, Raz Kids/Learning A-Z, Clever login--- Yup! All the things! Created automatically for day two.

And, you can get their Google Password yourself in Q. Learn how to get student Google Account info in Q from the Staff Resources section on the district homepage. Holy website, Batman, that is so cool! No more waiting for anyone-- you can conveniently access that password info where ever you are, when you need it.


LAST CALL--- Certificated or classified-- if you use email, you are welcome to join us!

HESD Email Exploratory Committee

Our next meeting is coming up Feb. 22 (that's today!) Interested in being part of the discussion as we explore "let's just have one email" options? We need to see all perspectives, so that includes you! Email Dave Ragsdale or Liz Hoppe for more information, click the "interest form" button below, or just show up at the tech lab at 3:30 today!


UPDATE YOUR DEVICES-- They will be happier!

Do you have devices in your classroom? iPads, Chromebooks, netbooks etc? They work best when they are used often and check in with the internet to get updates. So, if you have had your devices in the cart for awhile, get the tech out! Get your students using it!

The most important reason is that student will benefit, but it also allows apps and systems to update to the latest version, good for functionality and security.


STUDENT (AND TEACHER) iPADS: In the SETTINGS app, please update your iOS to 10.2.1, the latest version. DO NOT choose "update tonight" because wifi is off at the time when the iPad tries to check in. If you aren't sure if you can update, check the Technology department page and look for the thumbs up block to be sure.

CHROMEBOOKS: Shut them down (like, all the way shut down-- sign out, then click SHUT DOWN in the bottom left) at least once a week, if not everyday. The chromebook will update when it restarts the next day. You won't even notice.



Each month, I will have a fun photo challenge. Images may be shared in the next newsletter or featured on the district website!

FEBRUARY CHALLENGE: Take a picture of a few students using LEARNING A-Z or NEWSELA for reading. You can send up to five photos.

Email pictures to Liz at lhoppe@huensd.k12.ca.us Please make sure you have photo releases for all student faces shown (or blur them/let me know and I will blur them) before sending the photo to me. Thanks for playing!


Are your students enjoying coding? Would you like to show them coding and its application in animation? Great news! Pixar and Khan Academy have partnered to create a curriculum to explain just that. Check it out! (These lessons are probably most appropriate for 5th grade and up)

CLICK HERE to see the Khan Academy page with all the lesson guides or topics. Or, start with the Educator's Guide.


Mean Malware messes with student iPads!

Watch as Captain Tech gives some tips for dealing with common iPad issues like frozen apps, restarting, updating and more!
Captain Tech - Season 1 - Episode 6

Episode 5: Student iPads

Note: at about 4:00 we talk about restarting "tonight between 2 and 4 am". Things have changed--- wifi is not on overnight. Please do not choose this option any more.
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