1930's TKAM Project

The rape trial between Tom robinson and Ewells

The issue in Scottsboro compared to Tom Robinson

In 1931, 9 black men where accused of raping two white women in Alabama on a train. In the trails the black men where they where found guilty and was put in prison for 99 years and leading to life time. Just like in the book Tom was charged guilty in his trial when he wasn't and was forced into prison. in 1937 five of the charges where dropped and the state agreed to parole the rest of them. In 1944 two were paroled and the other was in 1951. The fourth escaped into Michigan in 1948. In the book Tom tried to escape and he was shot 17 times and died not like the fourth man escaping successfully and living. Later on they figured that all the men were safe and the two white women lied.

Tom Robinson Trail

In the book they charge Tom guilty. Later on when it proves he wasn't and he shouldn't have died. Tom was only sent to prison because he was black and they were racist. It was wrong how it had to end like Tom getting shot 17 times. Atticus was doing the right thing and sticking up for him. Its terrible how he was guilty just by his skin color.

Tom and Scottboro Scenes:

Comparison of the Two whie women in scottsboro and the Ewells

In the book To Kill a Mockingbird the Ewells are accusing Tom Robinson of raping MAyella Ewell when it turned out it was all her father and Tom was charged guilty. In scottsboro nine black men were accused of raping two white women when it turned out they were clean and the girls were lying but the men were sent to prison and charged guilty just because of there skin color.