Wilson Weekly

Week of December 10th, 2018

Way to Go Raquel! #WilsonWay

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Action Items

  • "Core Values Audit" - Please take some time over the next 2 weeks to complete the district's Core Values Audit, and share w/ parents. More info below...
  • Grades - The next round of report cards are just around the corner! Grades are due the day we return from the Break, so consider doing as much as you can right now. Spanish Teachers - As soon as we have an update on what SLAR TEKS are being reported out, we'll pass it along!
  • Holiday Open House - Please make it a point to attend the Holiday Open House this coming Friday! If you need help finding the time to make it over, let me know.
  • GE Coaching Visit - We (and ReGina) are looking forward to working with teams on Tuesday! All teams should meet in Andi's room as soon as you drop of your kids. Specials - please come during your conference period. Support Staff - please join along with a team.
  • FedEx - Please sign up for this Wednesday's FedEx. Trent will offer a great "working" follow-up BULB session. Struggling with where to start? Join us on Wednesday! https://coppell.schoolobjects.com//wshop/default.aspx?cid=10232
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Core Values Audit

As you saw in an email from Mr Hunt, we (parents and educators) are being asked to complete an "audit" on how different campuses and departments are "living" the new district Core Values.

Please take some time to complete the survey for Wilson. You may also complete one for another campus if you have a child that attends there.

We want to showcase the great things happening here as well as identify some areas where we can better align ourselves with the Core Values.

Please include this in your newsletters (or email) as well. The district would like to get as much input from parents as possible. The survey is in Spanish too.

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BULB... Next Steps!

Consider joining us for this Wednesday's BULB FedEx. It might be just what you need to get things rolling.

Click below to see the district expectations for BULB implementation. The 1st "Checkpoint" is in February. *Please note - The district has moved the K/1 1st Checkpoint to Spring Break to give you some additional time.

Be on the look-out each afternoon for "family updates" to our Wilson Family Christmas daily activities!

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Week At A Glance


  • Kick-Off our Wilson Family Christmas!
  • Specials Team Time
  • Middle School WEST Band Concert - 10:00 - We will begin calling around 9:45.
  • CHS Madrigal Caroling - They are scheduled to arrive at 1:30. We will make an announcement when they are here. Line up around the main hallway loop to enjoy some carols!


  • 3rd Grade Team Time
  • GE Coaching Visits w/ ReGina - Come to Andi's room at your Conference Period
  • PTO Meeting - 6:30 - Quick meeting!


  • 4th Grade Team Time
  • FedEx - 3:30 - Use link above to register


  • 5th Grade Team Time
  • Holiday Extravaganza! - 5:30


  • Rise & Shine - Ed Foundation will be here to recognize Superstars
  • CISD Holiday Open House - Please plan to attend and join in on the holiday fun!