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March 10 2015, Volume 5

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Investment Casting Overview- Wax Continued...

An Investment Casting Facility can be broken into 4 major departments:

  • Wax
  • Shell
  • Foundry
  • Finishing

Wax materials, injection and setup are discussed in detail below.

Wax Materials

Wax Injection

Once good tooling has been made, production of parts can commence. Wax is Injected into the aluminum die delivering a wax pattern which is a replica of the final part we will produce in metal. TPM uses a Gel-Set Westech wax which is non-filled wax injected at a paste temperature (lower temperature than liquid).

Injecting at a paste temperature has benefits. The goal of injection is to replace all the air in the die with wax as fast as possible with out trapping any air. Injecting at a paste temperature enables the wax to inject in a uniform flow and cool much quicker enabling us to control the dimensions and overall quality of the wax pattern. Injecting at a cooler temperature also enables us to inject parts faster increasing our throughput. The video below demonstrates wax being injected at a paste temperature.

Paste Wax Injection

Wax Tree Setup and Components

VP/GM Brad DeSplinter

Brad joined TPM in January 2006; he has been in the investment casting industry since 1991. As a General Manager/Operations Manager, he has used his thorough understanding of Continuous Flow Manufacturing as applied to our process to ensure the shortest lead times and overall lowest process costs. As Vice-President of TPM Brad is able to utilize these skills and vast experience to provide the best possible service to each of our customers, and help ensure that TPM is operating at peak efficiency at all times. Brad also serves as President for The Investment Casting Institute.

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