Wildcat Weekly

Every Learner--Every Day

Week at a Glance...

Monday, January 4

  • Wings/Bridges Day

  • Boy Scouts @ 6PM

Tuesday, January 5

  • Girl Scout Meeting @ 4:30 in the Art/Music Room

Wednesday, January 6

  • Janine out all day for Foster Daughter’s Court Date!

Thursday, January 7

  • Fire Drill @ 9:30AM

Friday, January 8

  • Fourth Grade using the gym from 10-11:25AM

  • Grade Cards go home with students

Friday Feedback Opportunity

Please access the survey at the link below for an opportunity to give feedback. Names are optional, however if you need a response, please be sure to include yours so I can get back to you.


What will make our students employable in the future?

Here is a link to a quick read about what employers are looking for in potential job candidates. Does this list look different than when you were seeking your first job? Take a read...