MRHS Shout-Outs

Volume 5 Issue 16

20 February 2019

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All Staff

All of the MRHS staff for teaching, supporting students, and assisting the community in the outstanding ways you do, but especially on heightened alert days in which you trust in my leadership and stay focused on the work at hand.

Julie Enger

Tiffany Hansen and Reshaun Castro

Thanks for all of the work you put into getting valentines ready for all of the students! Such a big task!

Tricia LaRue

Shout out to Tiffany Hansen and Reshaun Castro for putting together Valentines for 3rd hour classes.

Julie Enger

Thanks to Reshaun and Tiffany for making all of those Valentine's - Third hour loved it!

Jeff Johnson

Heather Schenck & kids

Thank you so much for the singing valentines! far one of my favorite days of the year!!

Karen Polson

I love when the kids visit the library every Valentine's Day (and at Christmas!), so thanks for continuing this tradition!

Tricia LaRue

Jared, BJ, Bob and Lance

Shout out to Jared, BJ, Bob and Lance for early morning snow clearing on the delayed start day. It was absolutely freezing, yet they got the job done!

Julie Enger

Brandon Salling, Stacy Stansbury, Jana Loest

Brandon Salling, Stacy Stansbury, Jana Loest- Thanks for always being so supportive, I love working with you all!

Shyann Copas

Julie Enger

Shout out to Principal Enger for the grub at conferences!

And whoever made the cupcakes...

Jeff Johnson

Jared Martinez

I want to give a shout out to Jared Martinez for taking the time out of his day and go above and beyond to help me. Really appreciate it. You rock!!!

Stacey Waddell

Ian Simpson

Shout out to Ian Simpson for saving the day when Serenity was about to enjoy an independent field trip on the roof.

Julie Enger

Thanks to the little Mustang Elf who hung all of the amazing student photos in the teacher work area hallway.

Jeff Johnson

You do SO much for the school! Thank you for making our Project Unify pictures and decorating the display case to highlight this awesome time for our SSN students!

Shyann Copas

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