Tierra Helada

The Icy High Elevations


The Tierra Helada is very cold. The Tierra helada lies between 12,000 and 15,000 feet, with average temperatures varying from 20°F to 55°F. This is an extreme environment. It often freezes at night, and snow falls at the higher elevations.Most of the tierra helada lies above the tree line, which means that trees are very rare in this elevation zone.


They dress in warm clothing often wearing many layers to stay warm.


There is not much that will grow at this high of an elevation. Potatoes are one of the things that grow and they eat a lot of potatoes. They will take whatever grows and take it to a lower elevation and trade for other foods so their diet is balanced.


Every year, many Quechua Indians hike to a shrine in the mountains high above the city of Cuzco. They travel there to worship the mountain gods.


They build wooden houses. They don't have electricity so they have to wear warm clothing all the time.
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