Born a Leader?

Everyone has the potential, but the effort?

What defines a Leader?

A leader is someone who takes responsibility when no one does, leads people through hard times, and faces hard tasks. A leader must have certain characteristics that he uses to guide people. A leader without followers isn't a leader but a group of people without a leader is unsuccessful. A leader is someone who takes control when no one else does. Adapts to what group members have to offer and when things don't g to plan.
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This is an example of a student or a follower becoming a leader against a Delegative Leader.
Interview with Jeff Bliss, the High School student who spoke out against teacher


Empathy/ compassion - A leader must have both so that they can communicate and relate to their followers.

Courage- must have bravery yto stand up when everyone else is too scared

Determination- They must not give up agent things hard so that they can reach their goals.

Adaptation- They need adaptation so that they can use what they are given and make good use of a bad situation.

What type am I?

Everyone can be seperated into the three categories of leaders that are mentioned above. You can take a personality test and gain more information. I am a Participative Leader who gets the group involved in things and doesn't do everything by himself. Judging from when I've been a leader in school projects, my personality does have a impact on my leadership. If my group isn't doing what they are supposed to I use authoritive leadership to get things done. I'm a very social guy which why I like doing group projects and I like being the leader because I am very picky so a lot of things have to be correct. The fact that I'm neat will reflect on the outcome of my product.