Rabbit Care

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Rabbits as a SAE

A Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) is described as a hands-on learning experience essential to your agricultural education. Raising rabbits completes the three circle model for agriculture education.

This rabbit project is considered short-term, enjoyable, and can be rewarding. Unlike other agriculture programs, the RHS FFA is unable to offer livestock projects, but participating in a rabbit project will allow for the students to gain the stock show and real-world agriculture experience.

Rabbits are the responsibility and property of the student and will NOT be left in the classroom. Unlike owning a pet rabbit, a show rabbit has specific criteria that needs to be monitored. WIth the assist of the Ag teacher, the student will learn to evaluate and monitor body condition, nutritional needs, and coat condition.

Necessary Materials

As with any animal, there is responsibilty and costs to endure.

Cage -

  • The recommended cage is a 24" x 24" galvanized wire cage. The cage will need to have a wire grated bottom to allow for the feces and urine to fall to the bottom off away from the rabbit.
  • There is a gentleman who custom makes cages who lives in Melissa, TX. For his contact information, please e-mail your advisor.

  • Example Resources:
  1. Tractor Supply
  2. Bunny Rabbit

Other Cage Materials:

  • Feeder - It will benefit you to own two feeders. One for their daily pellets and the other for their 'dressing' (which we will talk more about in the feed section). Your feeders need to connect to the cage, as rabbits enjoy playing with materials within their cage.
  • Water Bottle - A small animal water bottle that does not leak.
  • Shavings - I recommend using mini pine shavings. This can be purchased in bulk to limit costs.
  • Resting Mat - Rabbits do not have pads on their feet such as cats and dogs, instead they have tuffs of hair that act as a cushion. To limit sore hock or sores on their feet, a resting mat can be provided to allow for comfort and relaxation.

Travel Materials:

If you plan on attending local shows for ARBA points, it is convenient to have travel materials ready to go. These materials are available through bunnyrabbit.com.

  • Cage - size dependent on breed
  • Travel feeders
  • Water bottle
  • Cage Risers - at shows, this keeps the rabbits out of their shavings


Food for livestock is known as feed. There are many different types and brands. What you are looking for is a 14-16% complete feed. The following are recommended show feeds.

Conditioning Mix:

Adding a conditioning mix to your rabbits daily feeding regime enhances the muscle and coat condition.

Other recommended dressings include:

  • Oxygen
  • BunnyBloom
  • Other pre-made conditioning mixes

Show Box Recommendation:

  • Materials in a bag or box with lid
  • Copy of your entry
  • Standards of Perfection
  • Apron with pockets
  • Band aids and antibacterial ointment
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Toenail clippers and KwikStop
  • Pen/Pencil and paper
  • Snacks and bottled water
  • Water spray bottle and conditioner

Where can I purchase these materials?

There are many places that you can purchase your rabbit needs. I recommend skipping the pet stores and going to a feed store. You will be getting equal quality in bulk for about a 1/3 the cost. Some of my recommendations include:

  • Princeton Ag Mart - Princeton
  • Bunnyrabbit.com
  • Tractor Supply - McKinney
  • D&L Ag Mart - McKinney, They will cut a 5% cash back check to AHS FFA for all purchases.

Show Opportunities 2016-2017

  • September 23&24 -- Johnson County, Cleburne
  • October 28&29 -- East Texas Rabbit Breeders, Canton
  • December 9&10 -- Johnson Co, Cleburne
  • January -- Collin County Junior Livestock Show
  • February 4-7 -- Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo - - Deadline December 30
  • March 4-6 -- Rodeo Houston - - Deadline February 1
  • April 15&16 -- Blackland Prarie RBA, Waxahachie

Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

February 1 - February 4

General Information:

All entries must be postmarked before December 30. Advisor will accept entries until December 18 and will send as a team. After December 18, you will be responsible for your own paperwork.

Entry Fees:

  • $3.00 per rabbit / $1.00 per fur class
  • Ground pass - $30 per person (good for entire StockShow)

Tentative Schedule:

  • February 1 - Advisor will transport students and rabbits to Ft.Worth
  • February 2 - Advisor will feed rabbits for students
  • February 3 - Rabbit Show. Depart at 6:15 a.m.
  • February 4 - Rabbit Show / Best of Show

Camilla Pearson

Agriculture Science Teacher

Anna High School

Projects: Commercial Steers, Lamb/Goats, Rabbits (market&breeding)