Mrs. Kizee & Ms. Mark


In math we will continue with money in our next topic. However, we are shifting from coin counting to adding money. Students will need to recall regrouping as we add and subtract different amounts of money. There will also be some estimation included.


Students are putting their finishing touches on their research and design of their rainforest slides. We can't wait for them to present their slideshow and share all their research. The students used Google Slides to create five slides with facts, pictures, and captions.


In writing we are working on responding to writing prompts. Paragraphing and sentence structure is a key component as we practice respond to on demand prompts. We are also strengthening our sentences.


With our last reading benchmark cycle for the school year complete we will start working on specific skills and comprehension strategies daily. The reading responses that will go home each night will help students increase their understand of the books they are reading. The next mentor text we will use is The Patchwork Quilt. We will work on the skill of summarizing and sequence of events.

Sight Work Check & Math Fact fluency Check

We will be doing a sight word check to share with you about how many second grade sight words are mastered. There will also be a check in on the amount basic of math facts the students have mastered. Once this is completed we will share the information with you!

Upcoming Dates


2nd grd Spring Concert: 5/12/16

Memorial Day No School: 5/30/16


Field Day: 6/3/16

Class Trip: Academy of Natural Science: 6/08/16