Anyone so inclined, we meet on Tuesday mornings for a brief prayer for our school family. Tomorrow please consider coming and lending your love to the Palacio family.


Kids coming into breakfast late will be allowed to get heir food and take it to class. We cannot have staff waiting while they eat, neither can we turn a child away without having eaten.

Leave Before Easter

If you are planning on taking, or have already taken a sick day the Friday before or the Monday after spring break, please provide a doctor's note to Mrs. Bean upon your return.

Grades and Potential Retention Notices

Grades for the third 9 weeks close Wednesday the 29th. Report cards go home Wednesday, April 5th.

Please Remember that retention must serve the whole child. Children transferring to us in the second half of the year might look differently.

On April 7th, notice of possible retentions will be mailed home to the addresses we have on file. I am emailing another set of letters to you. And will have copies placed in your boxes for you.

Here are the steps:
1.Complete information in the letter including the back comments. This is a good place to note conference dates and whether or not the parents attended. Please complete all sections of the notice.

2. Make copies: one to mail to the family, one for your file, and one for the office

3. Put the parent letter in an addressed envelope and return them to Mrs. Shivar for posting.

4. Give one copy to Mrs. Shivar for our files.

Please see the office for envelopes.

Our final interim report will go home on May 8th with the final notice of potential retention. I will meet with staff regarding their potential retentions and we will contact families and invite them to meet with us.

An Attitude of Gratitude

I want to thank this staff with all my heart! This past weekend our PTO hosted an event and almost everyone who came to support it was our staff. This PTO has worked so hard for us. They came in with no money and have grown to $8000 dollars. They are working to buy us a new jungle gym. The county estimates we will need $30,000-$60,000 to replace the damaged piece on our 3-5 grade playground. Learning to work together has had its bumps and confusions but everything they do is to serve us. Remember Christmas? All those gift cards they gave us? So many acts of kindness you don't see that they do for kids and for us.

Thank you to each of you who has supported them, shown patience, assumed positive intent, and have refrained from criticism. These ladies are a gift to us and this past weekend so many of you showed your support. I am honored to work with you and blessed to know you!

Summer Reading Camp

We will be the host school for summer reading camp as well as the summer feeding program.

Month at a Glance

Monday 27

School Speech Contest (Media Center at 8:45 am)

3rd Grade Multiplication Bee at 5:30 at Blue Creek

Tuesday 28

Morning Prayer

Melissa Robinsons at double planning

Academic Derby v. Blue Creek; Stitz gone to Novice AP workshop

Wednesday 29 We will follow the Thursday Schedule Letter and all

Castle Gone

Grades close

Melissa Robinson at Double Planning

Jump Rope for Heart Celebration 12-1pm in the MPR

Thursday 30 We will follow the Wednesday Schedule letter and all

Castle Gone-EC Law Meeting

First grade PST American Symbols 6pm to 7pm

Friday 31

Principal's meeting: Castle Gone

IST at TECC: Castle and M. Starling gone

Monday 3

Report cards go home

Retention letters are due to Mrs. Shivar in addressed envelopes.

Academic Derby v. Clyde Erwin; Stitz gone AP meeting

Tuesday 4

Morning Prayer

Tuesday and Wednesday 4-5 Kindergarten Registration for the 17-18 School Year 9:30-1:00 pm

Wednesday 5

Staff Meeting: Priority Standards

Thursday 6

AVID Team Meeting 7 am

Spring Pictures

3rd and 5th switch lunch and specials for 5th-grade family life instruction.

Potential retentions notices mailed home

Friday 7th

5th Grade to Moore's Creek 9:30-2:30

Friday 7th-Sunday 9th

Gardiner and Jai at World Language Conference