Hitter's Workshop - The Right Path

with Akron Racer Ashley Thomas & Instructor Jeremy Greenway

Akron Racer Ashley Thomas is in town soon! Hitter's workshop is near!

Learn all about improving your hitting skills (baseball or softball) - Mindset, Vision, Timing, Mechanics, and Power. You'll receive high level instruction from both Ashley and Jeremy. In addition to the instructional 1.5 hours, you'll receive pre and post workshop material - video and instruction. Each instructional time slot is 1.5 hours - work with both Ashley and Jeremy, and receive 30 minutes of power/core work. This workshop is for baseball and softball players of any age.

Hitter's Workshop

Saturday, Oct. 3rd, 5pm to Sunday, Oct. 4th, 8pm

Frisco, TX

Each time slot for each hitter is 1.5 hours. Hitter's will spend time one on one with Ashley and Jeremy, and each will get time to learn some new power development strategies outside of the cage. Slots open at 5 PM on Oct. 3 and extend through the next day, Oct. 4th until 8 PM. You can sign up on the hour, or half hour. To sign up or receive more information, email jeremygreenway24@hotmail.com.

Sample of Hitter's Workshop

8AM - Hitter A works with Ashley for 30 minutes

8:30AM - Hitter A works with Jeremy for 30 minutes, Hitter B begins work with Ashley

9AM - Hitter A works power, Hitter B begins work with Jeremy, Hitter C works with Ashley

9:30AM - Hitter A is finished, Hitter B begins power work, Hitter C begins work with Jeremy, Hitter D begins work with Ashley

We'll look at each hitter and work with they have within their swing to make improvements. We look at key stages - stance, load, positive move, toe touch, first move, connection, bat lag, contact, and after contact. We'll look at bat speed, arc, approach, and other angles. We'll perform several vision and timing drills in and out of the cage.

Ashley Thomas and Jeremy Greenway

Ashley played ball for Jeremy during her 4 years as a high school student athlete. Ashley went on to dominate at Georgia Tech and was then picked up by the Akron Racers. She has now played for the Racers for 2 years as their 2nd baseman. She currently gives lesson of all kinds and is eagerly anticipating her 3rd season with the Racers. Jeremy has coached another pro player, Jenny Gilbert, as well during her high school career. He has sent many other athletes on to college ball, and has instructed over 4000 lessons. He is currently an assistant principal, married to his high school sweetheart, and loves to coach his 2 young boys.