Nuclear Fusion

Press Release December 11,2015


My name is doctor Stephen Walters. I am currently in charge of lab corp. We have been working diligently on a new and improved energy for all of this nations great citizens. Finally, I am glad to tell you that the time has finally come. The future is here. I would like to introduce to you, Nuclear Fusion.

How it works

The opposite of Nuclear Fission is Nuclear Fusion. It will create energy by bonding two small atoms into a larger one and harnessing the energy released, while nuclear fission is the splitting of a large atom into two or more smaller ones. Although it requires more power to operate fusion than fission, it will produce around 3-4 times more energy. This is a new age ladies and gentlemen.


Nuclear Fusion is completely safe. In our new factories, we will take every safety precaution, including state of the art safety glass, protective suits and a huge centrifuge which is lined with tons of features to make it as safe as possible.

Economic Impact

This new discovery will flood the market with tons of cheap energy. Every American will see a rate drop at their home. Energy will be cheaper and more abundant than ever before. Skyscraper can be light up and run for less than 100 dollars a month. Energy will be no limitation anymore. We can build things bigger and better than ever before. All this surplus in energy will also help with current science projects that lab corp is working on which draw large amounts of power