Causes for the American Revolution

Why these reasons started a major war by Liam Kornacki

What had started these problems

So where we start is right after the F and I war when Parliament had passed the Stamp Act, a tax that had only affected the rich, and another act called the Navigation Act which only let the colonist trade with Britain, a true example of mercantilism. To act against the Stamp Act, a group called The Sons of Liberty started to rile up poor people to protest the British.

Sons of liberty, and Britain's response

The Sons of Liberty is an society started by Samuel Adams that tried to get the colonies to fight Britain. As a rection to the riots for the Stamp Act, the king got rid of the act entirely. After he declined the Stamp Act, he set the Townshead Act, which would tax the colonists on paper, sugar, and tea. There also was the Quartering Act, which allowed the red coats to live in peoples houses, and also required that the owners take care of the red coats while there, providing food and provisions. These acts riled up people even more, causing more riots, and basically torture for the tax collectors (the colonists tared and feathered a lot of tax collectors). In the end, the king and Parliament decided that they would leave all taxes decisions to the colonies, except a small tax for tea, to show that they were still in charge.

Some of the important people from this time

One heck of a party

To fight the taxes on tea, The Sons of Liberty decided to waste a lot of Britain's money. On December 16, 1773, The Sons of Liberty dressed up as natives and went to the Boston harbor to throw tea off of British ships. It has been said that 92,000 pounds of tea were dumped into the harbor that morning and cost Britain around $1,700,000 in tea (in today's money) and 9,659 pounds in damage. This was later named The Boston Tea Party. I've heard of an expensive party, but this is insane. To be honest, I would have taken the tea instead of throwing it into the harbor. Tea is expensive stuff.
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"Dump it Off" - Boston Tea Party Song ("Shake it Off")

Britain sends punishment

After the Tea Party, British parliament decided that they would close down Boston's harbor and appoint a royal governor until the debt for the tea was paid. This caused more colonists to be angry as the only trade they could do was with the other colonies. To be honest here, the colonists deserved this. Is anybody with me? Maybe?
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Boston's word gets out!

Because the ports were closed in Boston the people traded with the other colonies. The other colonies were furious and started to despise the British even more. More and more people get mad which eventually led to them attacking the British, causing the American Revolution. Yaaaay!, oh wait, to soon
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