Affirmative Action

What Chance Do Some Races Really Have?

What Is Affirmative Action?

Affirmative Action is when race is considered when applying for a job or college. It is used to benefit a group of underrepresented people in society. It gives certain races an unfair advantage over the others, and sometimes entirely takes away their chances of going to college.

Why is it a Problem?

Affirmative Action is such an issue because it gives unfair advantages to certain people. Affirmative Action was a solution, but it has become a problem within itself. Regardless of grades or potential, colleges will give people opportunities to people just because of their skin color. Affirmative Action is a racist solution to problem only thought as problem by racists.
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The Government's Side of the Argument

The Government believes that racial diversity is important because it makes every one get along. Affirmative Action was supposed to accomplish the goal of racial diversity. It also makes people stop complaining about underprivileged races not having good opportunities in life.

Our Side of the Argument

We believe that Affirmative Action is unfair. It makes people that have been working hard in school all their lives give up their college opportunities to someone that does't deserve it. Those people get an undeserved opportunity simply because of their skin color.