Cake Museum

郭元益糕餅博物館& DIY your pineapple cakes

Big picture

Brief History

郭guō 元yuán 益yì bakery has been around in the industry since 1867 in Qing dynasty selling cakes with 扁biǎn 擔dàn container on street. For 扁biǎn 擔dān, see the center black-&-white picture above. Today his offspring started up the museum with many DIY activities in memory of their ancestors.

What to do there?

You will make a box of 10 pineapple cakes from a dough. During baking, you go one floor up to visit the collections of cake history, put on ancient costumes, and have fun there.

Why the cake museum?

The cake museum is our number one excursion on the list. You'll have fun making your own pineapple cakes from scratch and take home sharing them with friends or family. Also, you'll get to know how cakes play an important role in Chinese culture. Remember to put on ancient costumes and fly back in time.


Wednesday, Dec. 18th, 1:30-3:30pm

546 Wenlin Road

Taipei City


13:00 Meet up at the front desk of Fengya Hall.

13:10 Take taxi to the museum.

13:20 Arriving at the museum.

13:30 Start the activities.

15:30~16:00 Dismiss on site.