Krista Johnson

Acrostic Poem

Rasberry red

Orange tent

Shimmering petals

Exciting colors


color poem

Blue is the color of the water.

Blue is smooth as silk.

Blue smells like the summer breeze.

Blue taste like blueberry muffins.

Blue sounds like wind whistling.

Blue looks like the ocean water.

Blue makes me relaxed.

Blue is Peaceful.


Cinquain Poem


Soft, White

Dance, Shimer, float

Mysterious white puffball




I am snow

I float to the ground

Make everything sparkled white

I am a soft pillow

I can make you happy while snowball fighting.

I am snow



Ode to my hair

Hair your like a blanket on my head.

I can make you change into different colors.

You make me who i am.

Somedays you can be curly or straight.

You can form wacky ways.

I enjoy my hair because it makes me who I am!



There was once a girl that wanted a bunnie.

But her mom gave her a barbie.

She was mad the whole day.

Until her mom got her the bunnie the next day.

The next day she loved the barbie and hated the bunnie. http://stuffpoint.com/bunnies/image/320248/babie-bunnie-picture/

Rhyme Scheme

It was a cold winter night.

The news reports said it was going to snow.

Me and my sister made hot coco and stared outside.

Right when it hit midnight the clouds started pouring snow.


Exaggeration Poem

I ate a sour patch kid

The my friend gave me.

It made my face pucker up

and my eyes pop out.

it felt like your tongue was melting from all the sugar.

It makes me really hipper

to wherer you can run around the world.

It makes me want to drink a lake

to wash down all the sugar.



A blue waterfall

roared across the tall ridge

and passed by fast.



My hair is brown like bark on wood.

My eyes are hazel like dirt.

My attitude is calm like the morning breeze.

My energy is fast like a hawk.

My courage a strong like a water flowing in a river.

My poem is peaceful.

I am the home the wildlife.

I am the forest.


Makes Me Think Of

Christmas makes me think of presents.

Presents makes me think of candy.

Candy makes me think of chocolate.

Chocolate makes me think of hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate makes me think of Winter.

Winter makes me think of snow.

Snow makes me think of Christmas.