Lord of the flies


Lord of the flies is a great book about a bunch of boys who plane crash on a deserted island, where there our no parents or rules! In this book personality's collide , and different ideas and opinions end up separating some boys from the rest. Definitely a must read!

Where can I Buy this book?

A book as popular as lord of the flies can be purchased at any local bookstore such as Barnes and Noble and Half Price Books. Or You can Purchase it at any online store as well.

"Best book money can buy!"

Frequently Asked Questions.

What makes it such a good book? - "This book was written wonderfully and has many different meaning that can be taken from it."

How good is this book, is it worth a purchase?- "10/10 definitely worth picking up."


Barnes and Nobles. - "Definitely a book that deserves a read."
Suzanne Collins- " Lord of the Flies is one of my favorite books. This was a big influence on me as a teenager; I still read it every couple of years."