The Effects of Modern Technology

The Pros and Cons by Alan and Mir


Modern technology has impacted people's lives in many positive ways but it has also come to be a bad thing

Like the Suburbs? You'll Love Driver less Cars

For example, some advantages of having technology is that it makes us safer "But the benefits are so huge and obvious- whole hours added to the day, massive reductions in stress, tens of thousands of lives saved everyday" (Smith 4). So because the driverless car is safer and reduces lots of stress, it shows how it has affected the world in a positive way

15 Year-old arrested over data breach believed to be violent video game addict

Some of the technology this year hasn't made a positive impact on people at all. For example a 15 year old boy was arrested over data breach and is believed to be a violent video game addict. "15 year old boy from Northern Ireland who was arrested in connection with the cybersecurity breach at phone company talk talk is believed to be addicted to violent video games" (Middleton 3). So because of the violent video games and bad influence, technology has affected us in a bad way.


In conclusion, due to new ways to pay and driverless cars, people have changed the way they do things, and it has changed their lives.