World Religion Project: Judaism

By: Nick Baylor


Jews believe that god is telling them what to do through the 613 commandments in the Torah. The Torah claims that God descended from heaven to speak to Abraham. Also according to the Torah,God told Abraham that he must sacrifice one of his children to god to prove his worth. God told Abraham that if he and his people only worshipped one god that his descendants would one day form a great nation. The Isrealites were enslaved by the king of Egypt. After years of suffering the Isrealites leader Moses freed them with the help of God. God sent 10 plagues to harm the Egyptians. This was called the Exodus.

Poem " Open The Gates"

Open the gates the radiant portals, swift to thy sons who are holy and pure.

I think this poem is about all of the descendants of Abraham, and about Moses freeing the isrealites. I think this because it says "swift to thy sons" I think that this means Moses get to the isrealites fast.

Current Events

An Orthodox Rabbi in new york got arrested for watching two women while they shower at a ritual bathing at his synagogue. This was caused by people converting to Judaism. I think that no one should do something like that, especially in a special ceremony.

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