Summer Study Skills

Volume 4

One Week Left!

Wow, can you believe we're almost done? The students have quickly learned many valuable skills this week, including how to write a research paper, how to take notes, different ways of taking notes, and how to prepare for a test. We had a lot of great discussions in class and opportunities to practice the skills they learned.

Weekend Homework

At this weekend's Sunday Meeting (which doesn't have to happen on Sunday), please sit down and look at your work schedule for Thursday and Friday. The students will be creating a presentation to share with you and the class some of the skills they have learned this summer. We will also be discussing some oral presentation skills, and of course the best way to practice giving a speech is to use a real audience.

Please click here to sign up for a time slot that works with your schedule, and then make sure your child adds the time slot to their weekly planner.