Hairy nosed wombats

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The hairy-nosed wombat is a native Australian marsupial mammal.

Its scientific name is lasiorhinus krefftii. The hairy-nosed wombat lives in a small area in Queensland [eastern Australia].in Queensland they live in the Eping national park. They build burrows to live in and sleep in.

The hairy-nosed wombat’s tail can be 3-5 centimetres. Its weight is between 27-39 kilograms. Their nose is leathery and soft, there are fine little hairs on its nose. Its pouch faces backwards because while its digging it doesn’t want to splash dirt in the baby’s face. It has small eyes and its body can be between 97-110 centre metres long.

The hairy-nosed wombat needs green grass to eat and they like certain kings of roots. It needs native plants and it needs a burrow to live in. Burrows are very important to wombats when they need shelter especially for their babies.

The main danger for hairy-nosed wombats in Australia are vehicles so humans need to be more aware when they drive.