Ms Marylin

ECDC Room 103 week of 3/29/20

Extended Time Social Distancing

I don't know about you but it was hard to hear that our time away will be at least until May 4th.

I felt sad,disappointed, discouraged, happy and scared all in a matter of a few minutes. Your little one may be having these feelings too or recognizing you are having these feelings. Don't forget to check in with each other and see Ms Jen's section for some guidance on social emotional.

Please remember your little ones learn through play and it is O.K. if they are playing encourage it. This is the time to strengthen your bonds as a family, work on your relationships, love them, read to them and enjoy life that is inside your home. No one expects you to home school your kids. If you are like me it is hard enough to keep a routine, feed them and keep them safe, and I have 19, 20 and a 23 year old. Any items I send you are optional. We are not moving ahead in the curriculum and if that changes I will let you know.

Another great way to learn through play

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A note From Ms Linda, one of our SLP's

Hi friends!

I know you must all be so overwhelmed and if you're like me, a little scattered because of the loss of routine and the amount of information coming your way! I don't want to add to any of that by giving you more and more links and resources to sort through so I'm going to just tell you I'm thinking of you, I'm missing my little friends and our routines and schedules, and I'm hoping you're all finding some time to unwind and just "be" through all of this.

If you are seeking extra resources specifically for targeting speech and language skills, let me know. I have some I can share with you. However, the best advice I can offer you is to just talk to your children throughout their day and yours! Narrate what they are doing in short, simple phrases. "You are building a block tower! A big, green and blue tower!" Narrate what you are doing: "Daddy is making sandwiches for lunch!" "Mommy is helping Peter with his computer."

If your child is talking to you or trying to talk to you, model what they seem to be trying to say to you in a clear sentence, without expecting them to repeat it. Just hearing this language throughout their day can be the best therapy!

Blow bubbles, play games, draw and color together, watch a movie and pause it now and then to ask a question or have your child comment on what just happened. Communication and language opportunities are best when in these natural settings.

Above all else, just try to have some fun and relax with your children in some natural, easy-going routines so this scary time can have one less worry for a few moments at a time at least.

I will reach out again to check in with you all. If you want any specific resources or have any questions, please reach out to me. I'm home with my 3 boys, 2 home from college and 1 in high school and just keeping them home is my challenge!

Take care,

Miss Linda