Alycea Martin 3 Different Types Of People

Enslaved African American

Everyone in my family is enslaved and lives on a tobacco plantation in virginia. The year is 1787. Eleven years ago the Declaration of Independence stated that "all men are created equal" and yet because your skin is black and you were born a slave you still remain a slave.


you are a shoemaker that is in debt for $50 to buy your tools when you want into this line of work. They year is 1786. You've heard that some people with problems like yours have marched on the state legislature with clubs and guns, demanding lower taxes and printing of paper money. This makes sense to you. After all doesn't the Declaration of Independence say that people have a right to rebel when their government becomes a tranny.

Sputhern Planter

You live in virginia and you are a tobacco planter. Your family owns 30 black slaves and you're quite wealthy. Your wealth, however, depends on your slaves.Slaves do all the hardest work. They plant, harvest, dry, pack, and load the tobacco to get it off for sale.