Why do Students Dropout of School?

Factors concerning high school dropouts

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A Standpoint on Dropouts in Education

From a standpoint, many high schools have dropouts all over their district. Why do these students dropout? I believe there are many different factors for this reason. I want to say that some of the reasons are due to personal issues and issues concerning social contexts in the students lives. Although, I believe there are many factors that contribute to reasons why students dropout of school. Some of these factors include family issues, economic issues, poor academic performance, attention, engagement, and lack of support with adults. Sometimes these things can make the students stubborn and not want to learn which can hinder their participation in class. Some of these personal factors and other factors that make them not want to learn can inhibit their performance in school. This can make it harder to engage these students in teaching. This will also hurt the classroom as a whole inhibiting other students from learning properly.

All of these factors, reasons, and more can be seen to inhibit students performance in school and in the classroom. But, most often I see that most of this goes toward attention and engagement in the classroom that are the most powerful factors that contribute to the dropout rate. The fact of the matter is most of these problems are related to lack of attention and student engagement. Without students attention and engagement in school how do they expect to have fun and learn. Also, if the teachers don’t make it fun and engaging for the students, then how are they supposed to keep them from dropping out of school?

It is the teachers responsibility to make sure that all students in the classroom stay engaged. A way to keep students engaged is by using new techniques to keep these students focused on them and not their problems. This is a good way to make students see that the teachers classroom is a home and that they are welcomed to it and that it offers many benefits to the way they live. Teachers can make up their own activities that students will enjoy and by doing this is by using some of the things they like in the curriculum. If there is a type of music they like then that could be a tool that is used to help remember the curriculum that is being taught or if there is a type of game that most of the student like to play that also could be added to the curriculum. These are some very good ways to keep students attentive and engaged so they will not drop out of school.

This is what most teachers need to do to keep students active in school. With more engagement and attention to all students keeping them focused on learning can make a difference in the eyes of these students. This hopefully will keep they're eyes on the teacher and the school work rather than looking to drop out. What other factors are left to help students to stay on track? What else can teachers provide to help keep students attentive and engaged in the classroom?



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