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By: Cameron Lockwood

The Adortion of Jenna Fox

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Jenna Fox a 17 year old average girl awakens from an
18-month-long coma. following a devastating accident, her memory nearly
blank. She attempts to restore her memory by watching videos of her childhood,
"recorded beyond reason" by her parents who would do anything for her, but mysteries
arise. Jenna can recite passages from the bilble yet can't remember
having any friends. As memories return Jenna starts picking
at the explanation her parents have spun until it unravels. Jenna's Catholic
grandmother, who is hostile to her. in logic if Jenna's
father is world-famous and the family in hiding under jennas debate on wether shes even a human. plotting and the complex questions raised about ethics and the nature
of the soul.

About Mary E. Pearson

Mary E. Pearson is the author of several award winning books for
teens, including The Adoration of Jenna Fox, and A Room on Lorelei
Street and many more. She was born in Southern Californian and writes full time from

her home in Carlsbad, California where she lives with her family and two golden retriever dogs. She was born in 1955. Her

awards and honors include the Golden Kite Award, ALA Best Books for
Young Adults, the Andre Norton Honor, and The South Carolina Young
Adult Book Award.

my review

How far should a parent go to save a child? This question is put to test this story takes place in the relatively near future, where biotechnology has progressed to the point that human organs can be grown in a lab. Jenna discovers that her heartbroken parents saved her life by illegally using technology developed by her father's company to recreate her body and mind, using only the ten percent of her brain that could be saved. Is she human or not? This book takes the universal popular teen question "Who am I" to a new level. Jenna's story is not only about discovering who she was before her accident, but who she really is afterwards, and defining what her unique place in the world will be.

questions Jenna had

Who am I really? Jenna has troubles trying to get in touch with her
self and figure out who she really is

What do people think of me? People know that jenna is not normal there
is something off about her and has to learn how to deal with the struggle.

Where am I from? she doesn't know her honest coming

Why did my parents so this to me? The love of Jenna's parents might
have gone too far to save her life