Friday Coffee Chat!

January 8, 2016

NEW YEAR!!!!!!

It's HERE! 2016!!! It's a new clean slate for ALL of us to achieve any DREAM you you have yearned for !! No holding back, no thinking negative thoughts. This year will be all about POSITIVITY, PASSION and continued JOY!

I have loved seeing all of your framed goals posted the last week! It warms my heart and I am so excited to help YOU reach your accomplishments this year!!!

SO many things going on right now....there were Dot Dollars, New SPRING LINE TODAY, SUNNIES, Stylist special, Hostess special...the list goes on. This can sometimes make you feel like you would rather crawl in a hole rather than take action. Let's face it, sometimes we just don't know where to begin! This is totally normal. I felt exactly like this on Monday! I pushed through...gave a little each day to get organized and BAM Today I feel back into it, amazing and ready to take on the world. It's amazing what a little PUSH could do for your soul!

So, if you are feeling overwhelmed, just keep pushing through. Do a little each day. Start making your WDYKL one day, print your 2242 for the year year, grab a new planner and highlight your open dates, order your samples...little by little you will get back IN!!!!!!!

Of course, myself and your upline are always here to help as well. Please reach out to us to schedule a coaching call to kick off the new year!!!!

Cheer to YOU!

Stef xoxo

Let's celebrate DECEMBER!!!!!

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This gorgeous girl came to an opportunity event a few years ago that I was hosting. I didn't know her, she didn't know me. BUT what I knew is that she had FIRE and determination. She was there because she wanted some extra JOY in her life. She has worked hard since the day she started. She has made goals, achieved and maybe not achieved, but she has never given up. I am SO excited to celebrate the amazing BRIDGET EVENS as our newest SENIOR STYLIST in December! She WILL be a STAR, she IS amazing and she is heading into her BEST YEAR YET !!!! Congrats!

TOP for December!

Did YOU know???

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Amazing STATS for our TEAM in 2015!!!

What a year we had and I know I keep saying! BUT, check out these numbers. Our TEAM sold almost TWO million dollars! Say what??? Every single one of you contributed to that number....amazing! We sold over $589,000 more than in 2014!!!!!! Incredible.

Congrats to these TOP 20 in Sales for the Shining Diamonds!!!!!!!!!! Look at YOU soar! SEVEN of these ladies just started this time last year! WOW!!!! Congrats my proud of all of you!!!

Stefanie Ott 83916.62
Kristy McKillop 62143.28
Shannon Burgwald 60602.89
Kate Foster 60367.53
Kelly Free Smith 44132.61
Kaitlin Ragan Cole 42278.49
Lori Grace 32749.31
Taryn Stackhouse Stabler 30371.92
Megan Boland Filipowicz 30266.38
Jen Herley Francis 29486.84
Holly Schmoyer Herbener 25055.9
Kati Ayres 24880.12
Kelly Kane 23945.36
Amy Taimanglo 23677.97
Courtney Elmore Sward 23626.8
Anastasia Faracchio Henderson 23614.32
Kaylia Heckman Austin 23018.74
Kendra Youren 22709.42
Christy Dinger 22241.3
Ashley Welch Janis 22189.08

Look how we have GROWN!!!!!


Check out how many LEADERS we have on the Shining Diamonds Team!! This is incredible! I know this NUMBER will keep growing in 2016!

ONE Star Director

TWO Directors

TWO Associate Directors

EIGHT Stars!!!!

SEVEN Senior Stylists

TWENTY TWO Associate Stylists!!!!!

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What's GOING ON for January!???

Lots of FUN in January!

1. NEW SPRING LINE! You can order TODAY!!!!!!

2. STYLIST Special- Extra $100 ends 1/31

3. HOSTESS SPECIAL- Extra $50 ends 1/31

4. SELL $1500 from 1/7-1/31 and you will earn brand new (COMING SOON) SUNNIES!!!! Check here!

5. CINDY's BLOOM, BLOSSOM and BLOW OUTS!!!!!!! Check her Rockstar page for more info!

6. Get organized with our team 2242 CLUB! Message me to join for the next 30 days!

Stay up to DATE by logging into the Shining Diamonds page OR your upline's page!!!

Missed our STAR DIRECTOR Team Webinar?

No here for recording!!!!

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I spy someone on our team FEATURED in the WEBINAR!!!! Guess who???

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Happy Sampling!!!! Some good advice from some other LEADERS! :)

Long, but worth it!

2016 Spring Collection: 7 Savvy Sampling Tips From Alison & Amelia (cue Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake). Not really…but wouldn't that be FUN!
#1. THIS IS FUN! Ordering your samples SHOULD bring a smile to your face and put a spring in your step! And it WILL when you have trunk shows on your calendar to take said samples /investment $$$ out to women all across the world her NEED a little fashion pick-me-up right now! I CANNOT be the only one who needs this right now and I know I am not!! You want MORE?? WELL….go out and BOOK a few shows to PAY for that "more"!! Play a game with yourself….YES they work! Get a little now and then HIT THE PHONES and book 1, 2, 3, 5 more shows to ensure that you earn your investment back ASAP!

#2. YOU ARE SMART! You know your customers. You know your market. You know what sells. Use that hard-earned knowledge and think like a last mile merchant! What do YOUR customers want to see?? What do YOUR customers buy??? (If you owned a little boutique on Main Street in your town what would shoppers want?? YOU are buying for THEM!) It IS different in every market!! (And PS I could FLIPPING KISS Blythe and team for all the delicate layering pieces in this collection because SoCal LOVES THEM!!) If you won't sell it and you DONT love it - DONT get it! Now…if you LOVE IT and will WEAR it so that it can be a booking tool - GO FOR IT!! You are a business woman. Think about your customers FIRST, your wants SECOND, and then hit ADD TO CART! Now for NEW Stylists……PLEASE use your upline for help!! That’s what she is here for!! She will sanity check your cart!!! You are not alone in this process!! Heck….drive over to her house and place your orders together!! EVERYTHING is more fun with a friend!

#3. CLEAR OUT THE DISCONTINUED! At least for a sanity check. Look at what you have WITHOUT all the things that are going away. Give yourself a clean slate at least while you sample order. If you have a small collection (thats OK too!) still do this so that you can gauge what your display will look like when things are gone for good. If you have a big collection DEFINITELY get rid of EVERYTHING that is discontinued. There is something about a fresh clean slate!

#4 SPRING JEWELS! YES…it just keeps getting better! So go SPREAD THAT JOY!!! However….if you live in a place that will be covered in snow for the next few months your customers might not be ready for YELLOW and HOT PINK! Today I wore sunglasses and Amelia wore snow boots! You get the picture?!?! Wait til the pieces are seasonally relevant in YOUR area and everyone wins!

#5 RESIST THE URGE. I REPEAT resist the urge to GET IT ALL!! We can tell you from experience MORE does not mean MORE. It means : clutter, confusion and the feeling of Marshalls - AKA TOO many options! Your display should feel like a clam, neat, tidy boutique that you enjoy going to month after month. AND have room on the table to set down your glass of vino. Just because you love it all doesn’t mean you have to have it all. (at least not RIGHT NOW!!) GOT IT!!!??!!?? ALSO use that incredible LOOK BOOK as your guide. If you see an item show up 5 times…YEP you customers are going to ask you about it, it's going to be a best seller and you may want to get it!

#6 The ORIGINAL OG: anyone know what I'm talking about?!?!?! Original Gangsta! This means….THE BEST SELLERS ARE THE BEST SELLERS!!! Don't have them?? GET THEM!! Zoe, Rebel, Sutton, Arrison, Renegade, Luna, Pave Chevron, Cady Wrap, Stackables, Studs, Hoop, Ear Jacket, Engravables, Aria, etc. Equal parts gold and silver…these babies sell!! Now let's talk about the OTHER stuff: Think SMALL, MEDIUM & LARGE. A Pouf, a Waverly, a Tote, and a Getaway. Wondering what color??? Look at what you have and what will work. Need GOLD - Get Gold Rebel. Need SILVER? - Get Silver Rebel. And then bags, etc that blend best with YOUR display!! (Back to #2)

#7 BUSINESS SUPPLIES - Don't forget to add them!!