The Korean War

The Forgotten War

The Korean War

The Korean War, the forgotten war

My topic is the Korean War, when did the war start and why did it start when did it end and why did it. All of these questions will be answered some in the flyer, you'll have to read my for brochure other things The war started in June 24 1950. And ended on July 27 1953.


Similarities- The war was treated the same as any other tanks ground soldiers planes bombs all the things you would usually see in a war the soliders still had guns still had air support and still had casualties the war was defiantly similar to others. And of coarse there was an enemy and allies.


The differences of the war was that North Korea was a communist country. As south was a non communist country. Also the casualties were not good the we're losing thousand of soldier each year but we're producing around the same rate. There was also different methods of fighting the Chinese charged in very big groups and the the US held a border.