Roman vs. U.S. Ideas

Citizenship, Law, and Justice

Roman Citizenship rights vs. U.S. Citizenship Rights

Roman Male had all rights, in the U.S. Everyone has equal rights

Roman Rights

• Women couldn't vote or have

government offices

• Slaves had almost no rights and

small chances of freedom

• Freesmen had few rights

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Children of freedmen and women become full roman citizens


If anyone is born in the US even if their parents aren't from the US, their kids are US citizens

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Roman Laws Focused On

  • Marriage
  • Inheratige what a family gets when a member dies
  • Contracts between people
  • Laws were written in the 12 tables
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Romes Justice

  • Connected to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness
  • We see these in the declaration of independence
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  • Fit crime commited
  • Fines- pay money
  • Beatings
  • Banishments- have to leave rome
  • Slavery
  • Patridice- if you kill your father you will be drowned in a river
  • Slaves were were beatened, harder work, or often crucified