A dedicated and eager research student at Helena College needs your help!

Teachers shape the lives of their students each and every day. The way in which a teacher responds to their students is critical and this research study seeks to understand the ways in which educators respond to academic and behavioral problems in the classroom. Participation in this study will allow the researcher to better understand how learning is facilitated in classrooms with students of diverse backgrounds and skill levels.

Seeking Educators Who...

1. Are older than 18

2. Are certified/licensed at the education level that I teach

3. Teach one (or more) of the following subjects:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies/History/Geography
  • Language Arts/Reading/Spelling/Writing

4. Have a regularly schedule class

5. Have a passion for teaching

6. Want to help a student researcher learn and succeed

For more information on the study and to participate, please contact Shanley Lawler using one of the following modes of communication:


Phone: (845) 499-8573