by TaMya

How many are there?

There are only a few million in the world but only a few hundred in captivity.


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Why are they endanger?

In Africa, and any were in the world people are selling and killing elephants,for there ivory.Some people are just cruel

and hunt or kill for sport.

What can be done?

Ban all ivory sales.

we should prevent wildlife trafficking.

We could also pass a new law for how many can be hunted a year.

what is there environment and food sorce?

Elephants consume grasses,small plants,bushes,fruit,twigs,tree bark and roots.

There environment is in africa the rainforest.ect

Fun-Facts, Elephants have very thick skin because they need to hold together there mass. It is also very thick because it prevents the amount of heat. When predators come they take dust bath in sand and let it dry then rubs its self on a tree taking off the parasites.