The Capital And Major Cities

Brazil's capital is Brasília. Some major cities are Salvador, Fortaleza, Säo Paulo, and Sâo Luis.


The country Brazil was once controlled by the Portuguese until 1822 when it gained its independence. The official languageof Brazil is Portuguese. Most people speak this language.

The Flag

The flag is green with a yellow diamond in the center. Inside the diamond is a globe with 27 stars with 5 points.
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Geographical Information

The country is located Latin America eastern side, it boarders the Antlantic Ocean. Some physical features Brazil has are Iguazu Falls, Trinidade Beach, O Cristor Ednetor.

Political Information

The government is Federal Republic. The leader is President Dilima Roussef.

Economic Information

The currency is Cruzeiros. The economic system is capitalism.

Tourist Information

Many people visit Brazil. Most people visit because there are many different sites to see and very nice weather.