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February 14, 2020

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Kids' Heart Challenge

We have officially kicked off Kids Heart Challenge with the American Heart Association at Blanton Elementary! Our students will be learning the importance of helping others while keeping their own hearts healthy. Today a representative from the American Heart Association visited our school to help us kick off Kids Heart Challenge with an exciting WARRIOR CHALLENGE presentation featuring our heart hero friends that remind us how to keep our hearts healthy.

We have started sharing updates via School Messenger, but we wanted share links to the website and app to make it as easy as possible to register online.

To get started:

Download the Kids Heart Challenge App (App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android) or visit to join our school’s team. Need help registering? Click here!

PLUS, this year our school is taking the #KHCSlimeChallenge which means any student who raises at least $150 online will get a cup of slime to SLIME Mrs. Dorrell, Mr. T, and Ms. Valenta! Watch this video to learn more! IT'S TIME TO SLIME VIDEO

Kindness Week

It’s always good to practice when we want to create good habits. This week we took some time to really focus on specific ways to show kindness. Here are just a few of the activities our students participated in this week.

Our students were challenged to say hello to at least 5 people they did not know at school this week. Everyone wore a name tag and practiced standing up tall, making eye contact and using the person’s name and smiling when saying hello.

No matter where you are “Remember to “Throw Kindness Like Confetti”

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Open Heart

We are excited to support a former Blanton student, Siena Rhoads, in the Open Heart Children's Charity. A donation box is available at the front of the school to collect new and unused stuffed animals. These will be given to children with congenital heart defects as they prepare for surgery. The class that donates the most stuffed animals by February 28th will win a Freddy's Frozen Custard party!
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Music Students of the Week

Mr. Miranda is proud to announce this week's Students of the Week. These students have accomplished a goal or shown to have mastered a concept.

5th Grade: Colten Freeman

Colten was able to play his red belt (Pass the Pumpkin) backwards. Reading the notes on the treble clef from end to the beginning.

4th Grade: Blake Nicol

Blake was able to play his red belt (Four White Horses) while combining singing and playing. He was a leader when singing the mystery word to the song Four White Horses.

3rd Grade: Holt Hall

Holt was able to play his red belt (Canoe Song) while tapping his foot to the beat. He played the song at a faster tempo showing mastery of the song.

2nd Grade: Bennett Hensley

Bennett was able to play his red belt (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) backwards. He read the notes from the end to the beginning reading right to left, which is very challenging to do.

1st Grade: Graham Heath

Graham mastered his new rhythm called Quarter Rest. He knows that a quarter rest is also called a silent note and represented by a Z or a Squiggle in the music.

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2nd and 3rd Grade Music Performance

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Reader's Cafe

Counselor's Corner ~ Mrs. Gow

Blanton Career Day is coming May 15th!

We are excited to host a fantastic Career Day again this year at Blanton. Because so many of our parents and community members have been willing to volunteer their time each year, we continue to foster some meaningful community, business and family relationships as well as create fun and educational memories for our students. This day has become one of our favorites!

This year our Career Day will be held on Friday May 15th and we are hoping to add even more presenters to provide ample opportunities for student learning as they develop their career interests.

As we begin to create our schedules for this day, we would like to collect some information from those of you who are interested in participating.

If you are interested and are available on this day, please click here to provide us more information as soon as possible and no later than March 4th.

We are excited about getting our community involved with our school through our Career Day events.

Thank you so much for your support!

Stacey Gow M.Ed

Thank You, Watch DOGS!

Staff Spotlight

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Winter Spirit Wear--Last Day to Order

It's still chilly in Texas and we have a great variety of styles for adults and youth, boys and girls. Winter spirit wear will be available by pre-order only. Orders may be placed through Friday, February 14th and items will be delivered by the end of February. Purchase yours today at Look for the Spirit Wear Online shop on the left nav bar.

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Save the Date for FUN RUN!!

Fun Run is the primary fundraiser for Blanton PTA. We don't sell wrapping paper, candy, or cookies... we just ask that you make a simple donation and ask a few friends and family, too! We will have a new online pledge system this year which will allow to you very easily send the donation link to friends and family as well as track your student's donation progress.

We have a large goal of $25,000 in student donations this year. These funds allow the PTA to continue to provide special programming for students, grants for teachers and the school, as well as the fun family events we are able to provide. We want to continue to do amazing things for our staff and students and all it takes is a donation. If just each Blanton student could get $50 in donations we would meet our goal.

Be on the lookout during February for details on the pledge system and individual student pages. We'll also be unveiling all the super cool prizes students can win!

We are currently looking for corporate/business sponsors for Fun Run. If you, or someone you know, owns a business or works for a business that would like to be a sponsor, please visit the Fun Run link on for more information on sponsor levels and benefits.

February Menu

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Upcoming Events

Feb. 17 ~ Student Holiday

Feb. 18 ~ 4th and 5th Parent Strength Training (part 3)

Feb. 21 ~ Honor Choir Performance; 6:15 p.m. at Ryan High School

Feb. 24-28 ~ Musician in Residence

Feb. 26 ~ District Reflections Awards 5:30 at Ryan High School

Feb. 27 ~ Ocarina Karate Performances in Cafeteria

Mar. 2-6 ~ Teacher Appreciation Week

Mar. 3 ~ EXPO STEM Night in Cafeteria

Mar. 4-5 ~ Tae Kwon Do in PE

Mar. 6 ~ End of 3rd Quarter

Mar. 9-13 ~ Spring Break

Mar. 16 ~ No School for Students

Mar. 18 ~ Report Cards available in HAC

Mar. 23-27 ~ Spring Book Fair

Kindness Week