The Northern Flying Squirrel

By: Corin Nosow

Scientific Name/Region it is Found in

The Northern Flying Squirrel in located in the mountain region of North Carolina. While its common name is obvious the Northern Flying Squirrel, its scientific name is Glaucomys Sabrinus.
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Why it is Endangered and How it is being protected

The reason the Northern Flying Squirrel is listed as endangered is because of the destruction of its habitat, or the clearing of forests, species of pests that have been introduced by humans, nearby development of recreation, pollution, and the extraction of minerals. Because of a road that was built near the habitat, the habitat has been split in half, with squirrels living on both sides of the road and they have a lot of trouble getting from one side to the other. Thanks to research from a Biology Proffesor name Peter Weigl, this was found out and crossing structures are being built to help them cross a lot easier, and making it a lot safer for them.