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What's Happening in Room A-10? Issue 9

Parent Conferences

The week of March 14 - 18 is Parent Teacher Conference Week. Spring parent conferences are optional. Since we often communicate through Class Dojo, via email, notes in the Agenda, and through online access to grades, we may not need to meet. However, a conference may be requested by parents or teachers.

If you'd like to meet to discuss your child’s progress, please CLICK HERE to log in to VolunteerSpot to choose a day and time to confer. The sooner you log on, the more choices you'll have for a time that's convenient to your schedule.

Remember, students will be on early release the week of March 14-18, 8:15 a.m. – 1:35 p.m.

I, Cabrillo (or Drake, or Cortes, or Vizcaino...)

Your child has completed and turned in their explorer letter project. We decided to get creative using an app called ChatterPix, where their explorer portrait was animated and speaking with your child's voice.

I hope you've had a chance to view and listen to your child's explorer on Seesaw... it creates a "digital portfolio" of your child's work, and includes many photos (and videos) of what's been happening throughout the year.

If you need to sign up, it's easy. Click on this link -- it takes just 30 seconds. Once you sign up, you can download the Seesaw Parent app for iPhone or Android, or access your child's journal on the web. If you already have a parent account, I believe you can sign in here to view on a webpage.

Friday's Field Trip

This Friday, March 11th, we'll be taking a field trip to the Huntington Library. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Send a sack lunch: Each child will need a sack lunch in a disposable container (paper or plastic bag, with plastic utensils, etc.). Personal lunch boxes or lunch bags will likely get misplaced or lost, so leave them at home for this event.
  • Dress your child for So Cal weather: The mornings start off cool, but the sun comes out quickly. A lightweight jacket's a good idea. Avoid dark colors, and send your child with a hat and sunscreen if they burn easily (even if it's overcast). We'll be doing a lot of walking, so comfortable but supportive shoes (like running shoes) are fine.
  • Don't send distractions: This is an educational field trip. Personal music players (iPods, etc.) or portable games are not appropriate and should be left at home. If you plan to send a camera, understand that photos are discouraged during the docent-led tours, since they distract from the lessons. If you take the risk of sending one, your child is responsible for it; no adults will be holding it for them. If it's too valuable to live without or risk breaking or losing, keep it at home.
  • All the parent chaperone slots are filled. If your schedule permits you to meet us there, adult admission is $23. Understand that your child will need to travel there and back on district-provided transportation; plan on picking them up from Shelyn at the end of the school day.

Report Cards

Second trimester report cards will be going home this Friday, March 11th. Please sign the envelope and return to school with your child.

California Mission Report: Due April 20th

Our next major project is a report on a California mission. Your child chose a mission for their report; there's a good chance another child has the same mission. They may choose to collaborate on notes. Click here to see the list of students and missions; this link will show a CA map of all the missions. Just click on the name of the mission to visit a webpage with a great deal of information.

This is a major project, with several pages to complete. I've spaced the work out to make for a low-stress assignment, as long as your child keeps up and stays on top of completing work on time; if your child's a "reluctant worker," you'll need to light a fire under them and expect them to keep up. This is great training for the coming rigors of 5th and 6th grades. What's needed? Here's a page-by-page slideshow on the basics.

We will be taking notes in class and researching both in A-10 and the computer lab. Keep a close eye on due dates of each page (listed here in the yellow and white boxes); in each assignment box, there's a link to a sample page showing what's needed. This page also has a variety of links to mission websites, with all the info needed to complete the report.

While a visit to your child's mission is not a requirement, it's a great chance to bring history to life; consider it if your schedule permits over spring break. Even a visit to nearby San Gabriel Archangel or San Juan Capistrano provides a real-life encounter with the past.

Building a mission model is not a requirement, but may be completed for extra credit. Please note that missions built from kits or from Legos won't be counted for credit. To see a few handmade models for inspiration, click here. If you'd like more info on the extra credit project, click here.

DonorsChoose: Ipad Mini

We've got another iPad Mini up on DonorsChoose for donations. We're at 16 Minis right now, and we'd like to shoot for 18... that would give us enough for a class set of 32 with a couple of backups.

If you'd like to make a donation, click here to visit the page. You'll get a tax-deductible receipt emailed to you immediately. If you're not able to help now, please share on social media. Thank you!

Our Homework Page

Click here to go straight to our homework page.