Storm in the NIght

Mrs. Fitch's Third Grade

What do you think an Onamonapia is? Write your best guess answer down on your google doc. Title your doc, "Storm in the Night"

After you have written your answer, watch the video to see if you were right.

After watching the video, Write the correct answer below your best guess answer.

Clifford the Big Red Dog (1988) - Onamonapia

Word Knowledge

Downspouts birdbath thunderstorm homework

Do you see anything similar

about these words?

•They are all compound words.

Whistle what whined when

What do these words have in common?

•They all have the /hw/ sound.

Activate Prior Knowledge

•Does anyone remember a time

when the electricity went off

during a storm?

•Would listening to stories help

pass the time while the lights are


•What kinds of stories do your

grandparents or other relatives tell you?

Write three sentences on your google doc explaining any of the above scenarios.

Background Knowledge about Storm in the Night

•A Storm in the Night is a realistic


•Electricity sometimes goes off during a storm because the strong winds knock down the lines or lightning hits a piece of equipment.

•Cars were available as early as the 1800’s, but most people couldn’t

afford them until the1920’s.

•Electricity was available by the mid-


Summary of the Story

Storm in the Night by Mary Stolz, illustrated by Pat Cummings (HarperCollins, 1988)
When a storm during the night knocks out the electricity, you can’t pass the time like you could on other nights. You can’t watch TV, can’t read a book, and it’s too early to go to bed. Instead, it’s a time you can spend together with your family, talking and telling stories. In the dark, your other senses come alive and you may notice things about the way the rain or winds that you didn’t notice before. Even the world smells different.

Grandfather and the boys watch the storm from the safety of the porch, while Grandfather tells them a story about how he once felt during a thunderstorm and how he overcame the fear. Even if the boys themselves aren’t scared of the storm, it helps to pass the time in the dark. At the same time, with her poetic text, Stolz is reassuring young readers that they, too, can overcome their fears of stormy weather and learn to even see the beauty in all that lightning, rain and wind.

Write 3 questions on your google doc that you are wondering about this story. Remember we are working on FAT questions.

Independent Reading

Find Storm in the Night in the Table on Context and begin reading. Remember to use your reading comprehension strategies as you are reading.